WonderArt Club

Wonderworld Institute of Creation trains art-inclined and interested persons to develop their skills in animations, digital art and gaming, irrespective of their age.

Do you know that children in their early stages are most creative?

They have the tendency to explore their creativity to the apex when given the conducive environment to do so, and can absorb much more when put into the vehicle of animation. No wonder children love animations.

A child who can animate is believed to have adopted one of the major avenues of expressing his/her ideas and feelings. That child has the advantage of exercising himself/herself in a wide range of skills that are not only beneficial for life, but learning too.

Research has proven that art encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities.

WonderArt activities

We have other packages for our Wonder Kidz that will empower them at that tender age and expose them to diverse cultures that would be beneficial to their development, skills and success.

Explore our summer camp programs both in Ghana and abroad.

 (Motto: Let’s get Creative)