Wonderworld Foundation

Wonderworld Foundation

Wonderworld believes in supporting student to educate themselves in the field of art, hence has put in place scholarship schemes.


Ananda’s Wonder Scholarship: This is an Entrance Scholarship. WIC recognizes and rewards achievement and potential, and we make it easy to apply! When you apply to Wonderworld Institute of Creation, you will automatically be considered for an entrance scholarship. This type of scholarship does not require application. It is based on merit and solely the decision of the Founder.

Students who are considered for this scholarship, enjoy full scholarship for their 5-months certificate or 2-years diploma course.

The number of students who receive the Ananda’s Wonder Scholarship increase every academic year.


(If you’re accepted to Wonderworld Institute of Creation application, we’ll send you a letter of offer and let you know if you’re eligible for Ananda’s Wonder Scholarship. Complete the scholarship application and send it via the school’s mailing address, 10 working days before resumption. Voila, you are a beneficiary of Ananda’s Wonder Scholarship. Delay will automatically nullify your scholarship.)

This scholarship cannot be passed on or deferred or given in monetary terms. Once you are no longer a WIC student, the scholarship does not hold.


Special Scholarship: This Scholarship requires application. Students given this scholarship will enjoy 30%+ discount off their school fees.


  • Must be a student of Wonderworld Institute of Creation
  • Must have results for at least level 1
  • Must score 70+
  • Submit a Scholarship Application Letter to the Administrator endorsed by one WIC lecturer

However, Members of WIC (Board members and Lecturers) have the privilege of nominating 0ne (1) student for Special Scholarship.

How to Apply:

  • Submit a Scholarship Application Letter to the Administrator, endorsed by one WIC lecturer
  • Attach a print out of your previous results
  • Fill the form provided and submit it to the Administrator.

Application Complete!